Did Your Gun Jam Or Break?

Get it fixed by visiting our gunsmithing shop

There are many different reasons why a gun might stop working. But you don't have to be an expert to get your gun in working order again. Bring it to JKR Gunsmithing and let the pros repair your firearm. From pistols to shotguns to rifles, we can fix guns of all sizes and designs. Our gunsmith will disassemble your gun to find and fix the problem. By having your gun professionally repaired, you can rest assured that it'll be safe to use and will deliver the performance you expect.

Arrange for gun repairs when you call us today.

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The types of problems we look for

Every gun brought to JKR Gunsmithing is thoroughly inspected, inside and out. Our gunsmith will look for problems.

  • Firearms malfunctions will be evaluated and estimates given prior to any work performed.
  • Parts can be made or ordered from distributors/manufacturers
  • 1hr minimum for most work

Once we understand the problem, we can replace the damaged parts or help you find the parts you need to get your gun working again. Restore your firearm by calling us at (337) 357-1168 ext. 701.