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The price of a firearm can change dramatically depending on its age, condition and design. If you want an accurate assessment of your gun's value, you need to ask a dedicated gunsmith. JKR Gunsmithing performs firearm appraisals at our gunsmithing shop. Our gunsmith can inspect a single gun or an entire collection and give you an honest and accurate appraisal. If you're ready to sell, our shop can buy your collection so you don't have to spend extra time hunting down a buyer.

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Need an expert firearm appraisal?

Even if you aren't planning on selling, there are plenty of reasons to schedule an appraisal. JKR Gunsmithing can appraise your gun if you...

  • Need to measure it as part of an inherited estate
  • Want an accurate valuation for insurance purposes
  • Are seeking an expert witness for a court case

From theft to divorce, having a professional appraisal at hand can help you get through your situation smoothly. Make an appointment by calling (337) 357-1168 ext. 701 now.