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Visit our gunsmith to keep your firearm shipshape

From dedicated hunters to people who just love going to the range on weekends, guns are incredible tools that are enjoyed by millions. But a gun that isn't taken care of can malfunction, putting people in danger and ruining your plans. Fortunately, you can give your gun professional care by bringing it to JKR Gunsmithing.

Our dedicated gunsmith can disassemble and reassemble your gun with precision. During the process, we'll clean every inch and check for potential problems. You'll rest easy knowing your gun is safe, functional and ready to shoot.

Schedule gun cleaning or repair services today.

We're more than just a gun cleaner

As an experienced gunsmith, JKR Gunsmithing can help with a variety of gun services. Turn to our gun expert if you want to...

  • Modify your gun with a new trigger, sight, grip or other accessories
  • Appraise your gun to present its value to a court or insurance company
  • Sell your gun quickly, safely and at a fair price

You can rely on us for all the help you need when it comes to your firearm. Make an appointment by calling (337) 357-1168 ext. 701 now.

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Choose an experienced gunsmith

Firearms are a significant investment, and you want to make sure yours lasts as long as possible. When you visit JKR Gunsmithing, your gun will be in the hands of a pro with over a decade of experience. Our dedicated gunsmith has perfected his craft over years and will make sure your firearm is ready for action.

Take advantage of gun repair, cleaning or upgrade services. Stop by JKR Gunsmithing today.